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Posted by bodosom on 06-28-2004 02:14 AM:

I got a DTivo on-line for $39. After shipping etc. it wound up being about $75 and included installation. It was slightly cheaper in my case because I got the 18" for free (it's necessary to get my locals) so I didn't have to buy a switch to support the dual tuners. You need to read the installation offer carefully. I understand quite a few folks have gotten unpleasant surprises after failing to read the fine print. At the very least they need to be willing to pull both cables to the DTivo.

I've seen dishes installed in a sorts of places. You just want to be sure the platform is stable under wind load (which can be noticeable) and that it's out of harms way (you don't want someone to be able to stand in front of the dish).

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