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Posted by GT3NE1 on 06-28-2004 09:39 AM:

Signs of problems to come?

So I upgraded my new Phillips Series 2 this weekend, had a little bit of trouble:


but with the help of a helpful board member (thanks Robert S), I got it upgraded and it now reports 144 hours of capacity.

It worked fine last night, but it is starting to develop problems. When I hit the Tivo button, I get the first menu, but with the background of the tv show I was watching, instead of the blue screen. And when I was watching a recorded SFU tonight, it just froze after the first 15 minutes and I couldn't FF or anything. I can rewind and stuff, but can't FF past that point.

When I first started it up after the upgrade, it still showed the previously recorded movies before I upgraded, but they wouldn't play obviously because I just preserved the settings and not the recordings.

Not a problem, I just deleted them, however I am 99% sure that the first two movies I recorded after the upgrade had the same problem. I say 99% because I think I recorded those movies after the upgrade. I deleted them and have since watched a couple of recorded movies w/o problems, but these small little problems seem like troubled waters ahead to me.

What does the board think?

Sony Wega 36"
Bose LifestyleŽ 30 Series II Home Theater System
Phillips DVP-642
Sony VHS
Playstation 2
Philips DSR704 modified to 144 hrs.
Home Theatre Master MX-500

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