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Posted by buxter on 06-28-2004 10:30 AM:

Want to downgrade software version without losing recordings!!!

Hi, I have a Sony SVR 2000 with a 40 GB disk, and I bought a 160 GB disk from eBay. It had software version 1.3 and all of the manual recording functions worked, but I wanted to use all of the capacity of the new disk so I let it do its daily call (I don't have subscription by the way) to update the software version so it did and after it rebooted and everything I tried to record a show and it didn't work the "Service Message" appeared and it won't let me do anything. I haven't done any hacks or anything to it yet. But what good is 160 GB disk without even being able to record stuff manually? I was really happy with the manual recording function of 1.3 so I didn't need a subscription. The friday newspaper had the TV Guide in it so I knew what was on for the next week. And I could set up a manual recording. I already paid for the hardware and software by buying the TiVo, they should at least let me use it as a basic VCR.

Anywhay I just want to get back to 1.3 somehow while retaining my recordings, and I will just use the 137 GB's of the hard drive. I have a back up of 1.3 but without the recordings I downloaded it from the ftp site a while back, it took me 3 days with 56k, but I still have it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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