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Posted by dswallow on 06-28-2004 01:45 PM:

Those who've spent $10K in their display and audio system probably won't even blink at the idea of spending $1,000 for the HR10-250. It's a minor incremental cost, possibly defrayed by the resale of the regular HD receiver which they probbaly paid $500-$700 for. Even someone spending just $2,000 on their system probably isn't going to quibble too much over the possibility they could save a few hundred dollars waiting a couple months.

There's certainly a lot of HD content available right now, it's just that a good chunk of that comes from the networks, who mostly are showing reruns at this time of year, and thus the shows of interest to many have already been seen.

So someone contemplating an HD upgrade of their entire system might have some reason to pause for a few months and see what new things might come to market in the fall, I really don't see that a few months time is going to make all that much difference. If anything, getting all the upgrading out of the way now such that you can begin watching the fall season of television shows without worry is more valuable. After all, for those with no HD now, it's not going to be an overnight process, since they'll generally be running wires, installing an antenna, rearranging video and audio equipment, et. al.

Doug Swallow
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