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Posted by kcm on 06-28-2004 06:28 PM:

Re: Squeeky Wheel Policy at Tivo

Originally posted by Stu_Bee
I dislike company policies that just reward the complainers.

If TIVO made a decision to give some sort of reimbursement for those that previously purchased HMO, then do just that, for everyone. Don't just give it to those savy enough to be on Forums to find out about it (or those that would call support hoping for a miracle), or those that find $25 actually is worth jumping through some hoops.

I know it's more expensive to Tivo to give a reward to all HMO purchasers, complainer or not, but (IMO) is a more ethical way to do business.
- Before people complain: Yes, I believe HMO should be free..always have (eventhough I purchased it at $99). Yes, I think Tivo offering some sort of break for those that previously purchased HMO is fine as well. Just don't think it should be on a hidden complaint only basis.

I completely agree. This alone is the major reason I am starting to dislike TiVo -- not the actual policy of making HMO free to everyone (even after it was never improved on for the early adopters that paid)..

I don't mind that, I mind that TiVo seems to be doing everything here very sneakily. The rollout was a surprise to me, an HMO purchaser, until I saw even more advertising about it on my TiVo. The refunds are secret if you're wise enough to call. And so on?

Am I upset about paying $50-100 for HMO before it became free? Nope. Do I really trust TiVo any more? Not really.

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