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Posted by ShiningBengal on 06-28-2004 07:31 PM:

Originally posted by aaronwt
The water mains are on the opposite side of the building. A large guage ground wire comes from the electric meters and goes to the grounding rod. The other utilities are also connected to this ground rod. The building is 20 years old if that makes a difference. I have no idea what the codes were like then or even if they were followed. I know there was alot of corruption in this area in the late 80's with the inspectors(the county to the North). I have first hand knowledge of several instances of contractors paying off inspectors to get them to pass inspections.

What your are describing is multiple building grounds. This is exactly what causes ground loops, and why good wiring practice (as well as the National Electrical Code) doesn't permit this.

Most likely, the utility didn't want to spend the bucks to run a ground wire around the building to the other side (they can't run it inside the building for more than a very short distance.)

Your unwitting "work around" of eliminating the ground loop by grounding it through the wall outlet is effective in stopping the noise because you have established a pathway from the coax shield to the building system ground.

But you haven't (at least legally) grounded your coaxial cable. If for some reason, you unplug your surge protector from the wall, you break the ground. This can be dangerous under certain conditions, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

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