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Posted by ebonovic on 06-28-2004 08:10 PM:

Once again... It is a reporter extrapolating a sensation story.

Every point he makes in his article can be argued a different direction.

The Tivo/DirecTV contract is till 2007. If there is a buyout of it, I am sure TiVo will do just fine with it.

The whole DTV sold their stock and removed their member from TiVo's board, can be spun a million different ways. (I look at as DTV is just trying to revert and focus on their core product, As they also sold off their manufacturing division as well).

Either way, we see one of these type articles about every two weeks or so.

He gets the stuff by taking the facts out their, and reading boards like this to help figure out which way he should write the article to sell the most papers.

And the "most customers will choose the cheaper NDS offering?"
How much cheaper can it be? The units are only $99, or $49, or even less depending on promotion. And The DVR fee is only $5 a month, per account. I think most people who don't have a TiVo powered DVR will try the NDS version, but once you go TiVo it will be very hard to go back. (IMHO).

TiVo and their pricing structure changes are nothing more then them trying to adjust to the growing market. It sucks being the leader and bleading edge, when people then come along and take your best and most used features and slap them into a lower cost box, with less R&D to re-coop.
Oh well.. So goes buisness...

Bottom line: DTV power by TiVo is here at least for another 3-4 years as a new unit. And the "support" for those units, as in Guide Data, is probably going to be around as long as DTV is supporting this particular video stream format... AKA much longer then the lifetime of the DTivos. (IMHO)



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