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Posted by Fish Man on 06-28-2004 08:27 PM:

The reporter is essentially clueless.

DirecTV is talking to TiVo about writing software for a simpler 1 tuner version of the DirecTiVo.

The thinking is, include at least one of these entry-level DVRs with every new install, then the 2 tuner unit (like the ones we are familiar with) would be an extra cost upgrade. The HD-DTiVo, then being the super-premium upgrade.

The point is, they are talking to TiVo about designing this box, there is no actual indication whatsoever that they are moving to introduce an NDS-based DVR into the US market.

Several reporters, who are trying to show how much they know, have been suggesting that the DirecTiVo will be replaced with an NDS-based PVR for the simple reason that Newscorp owns NDS.

However, actual actions of DirecTV, even since being acquired by Newscorp indicate that they are still actively working with TiVo. The contract with TiVo lasts until 2007, and the current behavior of DirecTV suggests that the relationship will last beyond that as well.

It is true that DirecTV sold off their TiVo stock recently. At they same time, they divested themselves of lots of other stock holdings as well.

The selling of this stock holding has nothing whatsoever to do with the technology partnership with TiVo. These are two completely different things! People who try to closely tie these two things together are simply showing a misunderstanding about how technology partnerships in general, work.


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