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Posted by greywolf on 06-28-2004 08:35 PM:

The NEC says "The grounding conductor shall be connected to the nearest accessible location as follows: (a)The building or structure electrode system as covered in 250-50. (b)The grounded interior metal water piping system as covered in 250-104 (a). (c)The power service accessible means external to enclosures as covered in Section 250-92 (b). (d)The metallic power service raceway. (e)The service equipment enclosure, or (f)The grounding electrode conductor or the grounding electrode conductor metal enclosures."

The meter enclosure, as part of the raceway, being bonded to the main building ground rod is typical and good practice. It can cause problems in very dry areas though and the longer the ground rod, the better. Using the water main as a ground rod can have its own problems with the advent of plastic pipe or the pipe run being shallow. The 2002 NEC adds that, if the water pipe is used for ground, it must be all metal and the equipment ground wire must be connected to the pipe within 5ft of the pipes entry to the building. The electrical service panel must also be bonded within that 5 ft.

While I may link to and mention products as examples, I don't recommend specific products.

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