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Posted by davsherm on 06-28-2004 11:19 PM:

Tivo Users Survey

Ran across this in my travels today: Tivo Users Survey

I don't know if it is legit or not. Judge for yourself.

Sam Whitmore, columnist for Forbes.com, is writing on a column about TiVo, the company, and wants your help. He's got a mess of questions together he'd like to ask, and since I know so many of you TiVo die-hards love to talk about your favorite PVR company, I thought I'd pass it along.

Greetings to all:

My name is Sam Whitmore, media columnist for Forbes.com. I'm embarking on the process of writing a column about TiVo from a business angle. As part of my research, I'd love for as many of you as possible to give me some perspective on TiVo the company.

Specifically, I'd like your suggestions on whom to interview for the column. So far I've identified Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research, and of course a representative from TiVo itself.

I'd also like your views/comments on the following topics, many of which I've gleaned from TiVo's most recent 10-Q statement to the SEC.

* According to the June 9 WSJ, CEO Mike Ramsay recently told an investor's conference that TiVo's relationship with DirecTV is still strong and there's no talk of changing it. According to TiVo's most recent 10-Q, TiVo is "highly dependent on our relationship with DirecTV for subscription growth." Are any of you worried that News Corp. will drop TiVo for NDS, thereby hurting TiVo's ability to scale its subscriber base?

* Does anyone feel frustrated that TiVo has lost money for eight straight quarters, when it clearly has built a name and brand synonymous with a product category, as Kleenex did for facial tissues and Jell-O did for gelatin desserts?

* Does anyone have a comment on the fact that TiVo can't seem to make money selling hardware? According to the 10-Q, "although volume of units sold increased for the three months ended April 30, 2004 by approximately 37% from the year ago period, the sales price per unit decreased by nearly the same percentage."

* How soon do you think TiVo will sell a hardware unit that records HDTV programs? Is HDTV important?

* What do you think of TiVo's strategy to enable the capture of programs and data from the Internet? Exciting? Will this be a path to profit for TiVo?

* In the 10-Q, TiVo says it seeks to develop new revenue streams, one of which is electronic commerce. Would you enjoy being able to buy products and services using your TiVo remote, as many of us currently do with our PC (or Macintosh) keyboard and mouse?

* How many of you have signed up for a "lifetime" subscription to TiVo's software? In the 10-Q, TiVo reveals that after four years, the company is obligated to serve "lifetime" customers but no longer can receive any revenue from them. As a subscriber, do you feel any remorse about this?

* In general, what do you think Forbes.com readers should be told about TiVo the company, from a BUSINESS point of view?

Please note that I do not own a TiVo unit but that I have seen many, and have deep respect for what the company has done since its inception in 1997. I'm relying upon you -- the TiVo expert -- to give me guidance as I shape the tone and substance of this column.

Best regards, Sam Whitmore - mediasurvey@msn.com


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