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Posted by TiVoOpsMgr on 06-29-2004 01:03 AM:

Originally posted by papabrody
TivoOpsMgr, you have always weemed like a standup guy, but I agree with the other posters, that TIVO should have a defined, publicized policy regarding refunds vs a "call us and we'll work something out" policy. I know you are trying to do right, but something about that method doesn't sit well with me. BTW, I paid $50 for HMO, enjoyed it an am not asking for any $$ back.
We do have a defined, publicized policy regarding refunds: We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

However, like any company, we want to make upset customers not upset. I guess my mistake is in somehow trying to imply that we're doing something different for the Home Media price change than anything else that happens: We (like any company) are always willing to try to make exceptions to our policies for customers who are upset.

From the sounds of what you and Crrink are writing here, neither of you are upset. I'm glad to hear it, and I want you to know that everyone here at TiVo appreciates it, because we work hard to improve our services, features and policies all the time. And we take feedback from our customers very seriously.

Best regards,

E. Stephen Mack, Director of Service Operations at TiVo (estephen@tivo.com)
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