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Posted by Kerry on 06-29-2004 02:02 AM:

Thanks dt_dc, for the PDF doc link you provided. Wouldn't you know?— it does not depict exactly what my Sony's "HD" screen looks like. In HD mode only my screen has 2" of black on the top and bottom.

What's exciting about the PDF is it mentions the upgrading process and Setup Wizard. When I brought home the 5100HD I simply connected the RGB and audio cables (to HD/DVD Video 5 "In") and turned on the Sony and a second later I turned on the SA (in that order) so my system has probably not downloaded the upgrade, and, I have yet to see the HDTV Setup Wizard. I'll be doing that this evening.

You write:

Yes, the 3250HD has several formatting improvements.
I'm wondering if I'd be able to get full 32" HDTV with my Sony using the 3250HD? I ask because our cable guys are quite nice. I'm one of the first to ask for HD (the Big Isle of Hawaii has a relatively small customer base) and so they might just bring in the 5250HD Receiver based upon my feedback.

I did try the S-Video but it didn't work so I opted to use the Yellow "Video" cable and so I am able to get all our cable stations both scrambled and unscrambled via the Sony's Video1 mode. I use a splitter at the cable source and run one of its "Out" directly to the Sony's VHF/UHF "In" so I'm able to get all the unscrambled.

Zakk, our cable provider only offers the six pack HD (which includes HBO) so when I have the Sony set to HD mode I do get HBO, but as I mentioned above, only in the smaller 24" format (2" of black all around). When I view HBO and Ch 12 via the Sony's Video1 mode I'm able to get HBO in it's full width but with the usual black space at the top and bottom and bottom.

We'll see what happens when I use the Wizard.

Thanks so much for your support,


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