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Posted by dt_dc on 06-29-2004 03:10 AM:

The 'Setup Wizard' documentation I linked to is for the 3250HD. The 3100HD does not have these options.

I don't think you're tuning in to HD channels. From what I remember, the 3100 can't downcovert from HD to 480i ... if you were viewing an HD channel by composite or SVideo you would get a blank screen.

Check your channel listing and make sure you're tuning in to the HD channels. HBO-HD is going to be a different channel than regular HBO ... ESPN-HD a different channel than ESPN ... etc.

What you are describing (black bars all around on component on 4:3 HD set) happens in 2 cases with the 3100HD:
1) You are tuned to an SD 4:3 channel. The box adds bars to the side and upconverts to 1080i and sends it out via component. Your TV performs anamorphic squeeze resulting in ... bars on all four sides.
2) You are tuned to an HD channel, but the station is taking a 4:3 image pillarboxed (bars added to the side) to broadcast a 16:9 HD image. The box sends that to the TV as is. Your TV performs anamorphic squeeze resulting in ... bars on all four sides.

You're not going to get 'full 32" HDTV' because it's not an HD standard. Your TV doesn't support it (ok, it might through a service mode adjustment) as most TVs don't ... as a result most STBs (including the 3250HD) don't support it. When your set gets an HD image ... it performs anamorphic squeeze ... and you get a 16:9 letterboxed (bars on top / bottom) image.

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