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Posted by Bananfish on 06-29-2004 07:32 AM:

Originally posted by Dawnathan
You brought up agood point. Also, it seems to me that DTV divesting themselves of TiVo stock because they knew they were going to dissolve the relationship would be a form of insider trading, wouldn't it? Anyone here have enough familiarity with SEC regulations to weigh in on this?

That wouldn't be insider trading. Even if D* knew they were going to dissolve the relationship, that would be knowledge inside to D* - not inside to TiVo. The shares sold were TiVo shares, so only information inside to TiVo would be relevant for insider trading.

On the other hand, if D* had learned that *TiVo* had planned on dissolving the relationship (if, say, a D* employee on the TiVo Board of Directors learned it at a Board meeting), that would be information inside to TiVo and D* might well be guilty of insider trading.

Even then, if the relationship wasn't going to be dissolved for 6 months, the SEC might not get too excited.

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