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Posted by lolita on 06-29-2004 04:53 PM:

direct tv sales tivo

I have just read that Murdoch and directtv has just sold 4% in Tivo's shares, does this mean that Murdoch, now that has sky italy, wants to put Tivo in difficulty so that he can buy Tivo ?

If this is the case, in the near future we will have Sky + with the Tivo software, how bad would this be ? this could explain why sky is still supporting tivo and it has both systems.

Murdoch wants Tivo; Murdoch wants to buy Tivo by putting Tivo in difficulty, he has done this with canal + : he had a share with stream, tele+ 's opponent, then tele+ part of canal + was cracked and with huge debts, he bought tele+ and merged with stream; sky italy is now chancing from seca to nds.
We don't have any sky+ or tivo, but i would guess that by december we will have sky +, then in a couple of years we will have tivo + !
At that point Murdoch would have direct tv, sky uk and italy: he would know what we watch and make his paytv even better; also he would know what other people not on sky are watching... this is the very reason why the uk market never went well: he sabotaged Tivo here, now he is sabotaging the usa market, and in the end he will have it all.
And he will be able to have a super tv, where his opponents gets nothing.
I think this great because we will have a super quality TV.
And in 50 years we will have sky europe too.

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