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Posted by Gavin on 06-29-2004 06:23 PM:

Re: direct tv sales tivo

Originally posted by lolita
I have just read that Murdoch and directtv has just sold 4% in Tivo's shares, does this mean that Murdoch, now that has sky Italy, wants to put TiVo in difficulty so that he can buy TiVo ?

If this is the case, in the near future we will have Sky + with the TiVo software, how bad would this be ? this could explain why sky is still supporting TiVo and it has both systems.

Unlikely, Murdoch has a history of keeping things in house. Looking at Sky, the encryption is done by NDS who are a part of NewsCorp . Sky+ was developed by an arm of News Corp. Changing from SECA to NDS might cost money, (which no doubt is getting pushed down to the subscribers) but he then doesn't have to pay royalties to a 3rd party.

Why would he throw out S+ for TiVo when S+ cost millions to develop and implement, and to then have to change it to TiVo makes no sense. Using the SECA example he'll probably move directtv to a form of S+ rather than TiVo. Why buy something that duplicates something in house, it may be better for the end user, but there has to be a financial or marketing advantage in it for news corp, and TiVo in the UK would not be a marketing advantage as relativity few know about it. S+ is advertised a lot and as Sky is prevalent in a lot of households free advertising on the sky channels is possible. Most people who take sky+ are probably Sky viewers anyway who take it as an upgrade rather than just getting sky and going to Sky+ immediately.

Murdoch didn't ruin TiVo in the UK, bad Thompson advertising did, I saw the adverts, saw it paused live TV and thought so what. £600 for a box that paused live TV no way (£600 as it was £399 for the box and £199 for the sub). If it had been advertised better, ie telling me about season pass's and wish lists I might have bought one earlier, but they didn't, and I didn't. I bought one as they became very cheap (£100 plus Sub) and wish I'd bought one before, but until I used one I'd have never known the difference

Sky do TiVo support in the UK, that thats just a business deal nothing more, if he didn't offer the support someone else will, and it's probably historic, Sky Digital did have some recommendation deal with TiVo them before Sky + started.

Murdoch cannot do Sky Europe (yet!) due to distribution rights set by the Hollywood companies. Hollywood still sells rights on a country by country basis, to give them the most competition, if they did european rights to say star trek, then the country broadcasters (ie the BBC, Rai Uno in Italy I think) would not want to buy them, Would the BBC want the rights to broadcast in France or Italy, of course not. Until Hollywood changes this he cannot bid on europena rights, just for the countires he has system,s in, and even if they did would murdoch want to pay more for TV that is no use, remember Europe is a big place and just got better, whilst Sky Italia is not a hard thing to imaging who would want satellitte rights to the new europe like Lithuania when theres probably only a few thousand people with dish's?

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