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Posted by geoman47 on 06-29-2004 06:50 PM:

Originally posted by bedelman
When you pause a program on TiVo 1, you get an extra option when you go to transfer that same program from from TiVo 1 to TiVo 2 -- the option is to begin watching from the point at which the program was paused.
Thanks… I tried it out last night.

I guess I was hoping there was a ‘push’ (telling TiVo 1 to send the show to TiVo 2) feature that I didn’t know about rather than just a ‘pull’ (having TiVo 2 fetch a show from TiVo 1) feature. But pulling from the paused location is better than pulling the entire show if you want to watch it that night.

Funny thing about stuff like MRV is, once you get it, you’re always ready for the next enhancement. After just a few weeks using MRV, I’m starting to see a need for cooperative scheduling or being able to delete shows from any TiVo, etc.

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