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Posted by Rob Helmerichs on 06-29-2004 06:50 PM:

Originally posted by edhara
Does that mean it still won't happen?
What it means to me is whether or not there is another season after this one has nothing to do with whether or not they say there's going to be a season after this one.

What may very well happen (again) is that Anderson will decide he likes making truckloads of money for very little work, and change his mind (again) about quitting.

Or, that they will decide that the show can survive without Anderson (this season will probably be a pretty good test of that, since he'll be
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
playing the General Hammond role, and thus sitting behing a desk for a few minutes each episode while the rest of the team does the actual work

(aka Medieval Guy)
"Annoy, tiny blonde one. Annoy like the wind!"

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