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Posted by cwoody222 on 06-29-2004 08:31 PM:

Tungsten T3 WinXP synch via Bluetooth - help needed

Since my bluetooth cellphone is out of commission (http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-v...threadid=182357) I thought I'd lend my D-link DBT-120 to my boss to try to finally get some reliable synching since we never really solved this problem (http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-v...threadid=156805)

Right now the problem is the USB ports on the Dell docking station aren't "powered" so he has to undock his laptop in order to access the USB ports on the computer itself to sync. It's a pain. So I thought we'd try bluetooth since his Tungsten is bluetooth enabled.

I brought in the D-link thing yesterday. Then I realized for us with Windows I needed an installation CD. Hmph, I didn't with my Mac

So today I bought in the CD. We installed everything. WinXP detected the new hardware and installed some other stuff. (note: every time we plug it into a new USB port it "finds new hardware" again. *sigh*)

We can get it to discover the Tungsten. I had to do the pin number thing so they matched on both the laptop and the PDA. I added both to each other's "trusted" lists.

I created a new sync connection profile on the PDA telling it to sync via bluetooth to the laptop (which had the proper name and everything).

However, when we try to actually sync the PDA can't and it eventually fails and tells us the sync was unsuccessful. The little sync graphic never starts to spin or anything on the PDA.

Windows does tell me that a USB network cable is unplugged which happened when I plugged in the bluetooth dongle but the bluetooth icon in the sys tray is still green or white or whatever it's supposed to be (not red). So I think that's an unrelated Windows "error".

Has this happened to anyone else?

Any solution ideas?

He's a home Mac user too and both of us are quite frustrated at the level of complexity for this stupid thing. Even when he syncs at home with the USB cradle and iSync there's never anything to install, configure, etc.


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