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Posted by skaeight on 06-29-2004 08:59 PM:

Originally posted by litzinger
Yes, I'm in State College. No time frame given, though I didn't press them on it. Between this and no activity from DTV/FCC on the 72.5 locals, I feel like I am indefinitely stuck with composite quality video connections.

Do you work in State College?

Yeah I do. I just had to switch to Adelphia because my landlord decided to put a new roof on my porch (which he doesn't want any holes in), which happened to be the only line of site for directv. So the dish is going bye bye in a few days . I wish I would have known of his plans to replace the roof when I moved in 3 months ago and he gave me permission to install a dish.

However, I picked up my Motorolla dct2244 yesterday and tested it out w/ my SA tivo, and to my suprise the serial connection worked. So Adelphia may not be that bad after all. I just hope the serial port doesn't get deactivated when I activate the box. The good thing is I'm actually saving some money and getting more channels (including my locals ).

Just so you know if you are a Pittsburgh sports fan, with d* you don't get Fox Sports Pittsburgh with Total Choice if you live in a 168xx zip code. I didn't know this before I signed up and was very unhappy that I had to pay $12 extra for the sports pack. So in one way this actually a good thing, because FSP is include for free with Adelphia Extended Basic. Local weather on the 8's is also a good thing.

Maybe someday when I own my own house, d* has our locals, and I have a little bit more income I'll go back to them. Adelphia will have to do until then though.

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