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Posted by jay8dogg on 06-29-2004 09:40 PM:

Finally got it to work but with a different method.

First off I would like to thank Robert S for the link to the MFS tools 2.0. It downloaded from the same site as all the other links I tried, but this time it worked. I still wasn't able to shift+page up to see my hard drive sizes, maybe it has something to do with my keyboard (its' an MS Internet keyboard). I don't know if the software working was related to things I did different below, but anyways, thanks again.

I tried a couple different things this time. When burning the boot CD with Nero5.5, i chose "File", "Burn Image...", Selected the File, and Changed the Write Method to "Disk-At-Once". Before I was writing as "Track-At-Once". I don't know if this contributed to the software working, but it might have. Also this time around, I changed my new, larger hard drive's jumper settings from CS to Master for the entire process.

I read some other posts on this site and read one about weakness.com's site that lets you select your options and gives you the commands you need to type for your specific TiVo unit.
It was much simpler than Hinsdales and was specific to your TiVo unit. I followed the instructions and it worked. It took about 1 hour to restore the image to the drive and when I was done, the image was restored and the hard drive recording capacity had been upgraded all with 3 easy commands.

I mean no offense to Hinsdale as that site provided a lot of info that helped me understand what I was doing. I would like to try their method again sometime to see if i can get it to work.
Hinsdale How to

Now for some more questions.
1) When the restore finished, it said it had upgraded to 128 hours. When i installed it in the TiVo, it reported that the Record Time was "Variable, 105 Hours". Does this sound right? Just curious where the other 23 hours went.

2)I did not format the drive from the first fail to the third successful try. Is there any way to tell if the first attempts are on the drive?

3) Is there a way to format the drive (say using a DOS disk) and turn it back into a regular hard drive after the TiVo upgrade? Or do I need to do a low level format or zero the hard drive? I ask about a DOS disk because i tired to do it once after one of the fails and and it said it was a non-formatable disk.

Thanks to everyone for the help and for posting such useful info.


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