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Posted by simmike on 06-30-2004 06:18 AM:

People are too paranoid about static discharge. Just remember to repeatedly touch the metal housing of the case before you start messing around with the computer parts. And the message about the sharp edges and getting a cut that drips onto the computer components is good advice. Also don't use a screwdriver with a magnetic head if it is going to get close to the computer stuff. You can use it on the screws holding the hard drive, but on motherboard screws, don't use it.

I've personally built hundreds of computers and done thousands of upgrades. I've never worn static electricity strip because I've never found one at the store. I always touch the metal case, especially after walking across the rug. Probably 5% of the time this actually does discharge some static electricity. The rest of the time there is no charge.

The big thing you have to watch with hard drives is to make sure the power plug stays intact as you push the plug into the drive. On cheap ones, one of the cables might push back out the plug housing and cause intermittent loss in power. This will kill a drive faster than just about anything else.

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