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Posted by Gavin on 06-30-2004 05:37 PM:

Getting off Tivo here but...

Originally posted by lolita
BUT, if tivo was to go on sale, Murdoch would acquire it then he could have all his s+ boxes converted into Tivos; further, his S+ can't be used with cable, dt or terrestrial; Tivo can.

And with Tivo+ in every house in most european contries Murdoch would have access to what people are watching; he would have all these datas that others haven't and he would be able to give the public the perfect TV.

Murdoch has very little stakes in the transmission of terrestrial TV, In the US his channels are carried by others, and they pay for the ability to do that. In Europe there supplied by Sky or as the US carried by others, who pay for it. If he had wanted boxes that could take cable, terrestrial or any other form it would have been in S+ as we have it. It's not so that pretty much says he really only wants people to use his systems.

Tivo in the UK do not record data on what people watch, I suspect the data protection laws in europe prohibit it too.

What makes you think he wants to make perfect TV. Look at sky's output, most of it is bought in US stuff, Murdoch buys big series (usually after they've started on the terrestrial channels and become popular) and used them to get people to subscribe, it's not about perfect TV it's about pulling in subscribers. Channel 4 in the UK had friends, it was so so for a while then became huge, Sky bought the rights so if you wanted to watch you had to pay, same with a lot of sports, he buy's the rights and if you want to watch you have to pay. Remember Sky in it's early days was free then became a subscription channel. BSkyB made 260 million pounds in 2003 and thats the real reason for keeping everything in house.

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