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Posted by cancermatt on 05-27-2002 08:55 PM:

Public Opinion: Need other's thoughts on Terri - spoilers

I really need to hear from the tivo community's ladies (and guys), about Terri. I didn't really like the character, but one sub-plot point I really wanna be nitpicky about is her rape.

We, the audience, learn that after she gets raped by a terrorist, that Jack and Terri were trying to have another child together. This is fine and dandy, but if you were Terri, you just got raped, don't you think you would want to at least have a DNA check or **SOMETHING** in order to find out if this indeed was Jack's kid, or simply plan a trip to the Jerry Springer show to spring the results on him?


I mean, come on, I'm obviously no medical doctor, but I'd at least have a full checkup, but Terri mysteriously wants nothing to do with it.

Any thoughts?

And by fast forwarding to next season, if by some miracle they bring her back, maybe this will be addressed, maybe not, but what if she has the terrorist's kid?



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