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Posted by vman on 05-31-2002 01:04 AM:

Another problem I have with Nina being the mole:

Early on, after Jack suddenly left Teri at the hospital at the demand of Gaines, Nina called Terri's cell phone since she couldn't reach Jack and thought he might be with her. She told Terri that if she heard from Jack, to tell him they'd identified the dead guy Jack found in the truck of the car as _____(I forget his name, but he was the father of Kim's friend). Now, Nina should have known that Terri was being accompanied by one of Gaines' men who was pretending to be the father.

Of course, many of us have speculated that Gaines didn't know Nina was a mole, which is why he told Jack to kill her. But you'd have to think Nina would be aware of the Gaines plot, at least generally if not all the specifics. So why should she have tried to tell Jack any information on the dead guy?

I'd be interested to go back and see if Nina gave Jack any other helpful information early in the season that she probably wouldn't have if she was the mole.

Meanwhile, I agree that next season will continue parts of this story line, including who Nina's working for. Also more on what Drazen really did.
1) Nina's comments to Jack, about not working for Drazen
2) Drazen being kept secretly alive in special prisons by the U.S. government -- why?
3) The Drazen boy's comments to Kim near the end about how Jack was really a bad guy and Drazen wasn't bad make me think that there's more to Drazen's activities than simply being a terrorist (is that what Jack said he was?). Maybe he and Nina both work for some foreign government or intelligence agency.

Wherever you go, there you are!

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